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Take a glance at our latest arrivals....perfect for your summer quiver!

7'10 Velzy Surfboard
5'4 Channel Islands Fishcuit
6'1 Macbeth shortboard

Summer is right around the corner and we all know what that means - south swell and fun small wave days! Now is the perfect time to search out your new summer board. We’re currently full to the brim with an amazing selection of fuller, fun shapes to make sure you’re not leaving a wave unridden this summer.

Check out our Funboard, Longboard and Fish/Hybrid pages for our latest inventory, or swing by the shop and take a look at what’s on offer. We have new boards arriving daily, but these are certainly the fastest moving racks in the store so come and take a look whilst we have our very best selection available.


We’ve just received a huge batch of amazing Solana Surfboards in store just in time for this seasons approaching South Swells. With sights now firmly set on summer, it’s time to revamp the quiver to ensure you make the most out of our funnest swell season. Our selection of Solana surfboards range from 5’6 - 7’6 and feature several popular models including the plow, retro single fin and magic carpet.

Check out the Solana Surfboard page here on our website for current stock and prices.

5’6 Solana Surfboards - Magic Carpet.

5’6 Solana Surfboards - Magic Carpet.

5’10 Solana Surfboards - Smurf

5’10 Solana Surfboards - Smurf

5’10 Solana Surfboards - Retro Fish

5’10 Solana Surfboards - Retro Fish

New Board Arrivals

Schneider 6'0 epoxy.JPG


DIMS: 9’4 X 22 3/4 X 3

FINS: 2 + 1 (fins included)


CONDITION: Excellent condition, ridden just a couple of times. No signs of wear, no dings or repairs. Beautiful board with floral inlay and polished finish.

PRICE: $650

super brand mad cat


DIMS: 5’8 x 19 x 2 7/16

VOLUME: 27.7 cl

FINS: Futures 5 Fin Setup (selling w/o fins)


CONDITION: Excellent condition board, hardly any signs of wear and tear. Tiny pressure dent/s on deck. Fantastic condition board, no previous dings or repairs.

Lots of new boards arrived in store over the past few days with some great additions to our used racks. Check out some of our favorites below:


DIMS: 6’0 x 19 3/4 x 2 5/8

FINS: Futures 5 fin box setup (Fins not included)


CONDITION: Good condition. minor professional repairs to nose and tail. Clean deck and bottom.

PRICE: $325

hula ride longboard


DIMS: 6’0 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 2 5/8

VOLUME: 29 cl

FINS: Futures Tri Fin Setup (selling without fins)


CONDITION: Excellent condition board. Small minor pressure dents on the deck. Only ridden a few times. No previous dings or repairs.

PRICE: $395

Tomo Sci Fi

New Board Arrivals....

We have some super fun boards arriving daily - here’s a little selection of the latest additions to our racks this week:


High performance and miniture version of the original Scorpion! This board takes cutbacks and buttom turns to a new level, easy to turn because of its pulled in v within the tail. You can ride this board shorter than a conventional surfboard, because of its dimensions and versitaility. This board offers more stability than your normal shortboard. 


Fletcher Chouinard ‘Fark”

Super versatile and fast. Shorter, flatter, and more curvy than a high performance shortboard, but not as limiting as a fish. Swallowtail quad has excellent drive and hold, yet still feels loose and lively. Accelerates quickly.Early entry rocker and low swing weight. Single concave.

This board is epoxy and has sone slight yellowing due to UV exposure. Very little to no pressure dents, looks in excellent condition.


SOLD Donald Takayama ‘In The Pink’ High Performance Noserider:

Ultimate high performance noserider! This is definitely the most loved and sought after model in Donalds range. Able to surf anything from one foot slop to overhead barrels, the In The Pink is definitely THE one longboard you must own. Perfect for the rider looking to own one longboard, or someone who is looking to become more accustomed to the nose, the In The Pink will have you loving your surfing again.


Nirvana Surfboards ‘73 SINGLE 

‘Originally shaped in 1973 on the Central Coast of Australia by Bill Cilia. Shaped two years after the creation of Nirvana Bill created a single fin that was ahead of its time! Big waves small punchy waves whatever or wherever you surf this is a classic ride from a classic time and is a must have for any quiver.

Excellent condition board, ready for some bigger waves or everyday fun!

New FCS FREEDOM leashes now available in store at Progression Surf!

FCS freedom Leash

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on the new FCS FREEDOM leash, we now have them in stock here at Progression Surf - Encinitas. Get yours before we sell out! If you want to know what all the hype is about…keep reading……..

Strength and minimalism. Features a revolutionary new cord, lighter and stronger than any other cord. Surf Free.

High Tensile Over-Braided Nylon Cord

  • Thinner, lighter & stronger.

  • Limited over-stretch designed to return to original length.

  • Reduces tangling and drag.

Precision Engineered Cuff

  • Silicone Grip Print - Reduces slipping around ankle.

  • 3MM Neoprene Padding - Thin, light and comfortable.

  • Low Profile Moulded Velcro - Stronger & more reliable.

Lightweight Moulded Pull Tab

  • Ergonomic, quick release.

Composite Horn

  • Foam filled, light and shock absorbing.

  • Extended horn length to reduce tangling.

Streamlines Railsaver Cost

  • Less drag, thinner & lighter.

  • Better Hydrodynamics.

 Leash length: 6ft. Specifically designed for wave heights under 5ft.

Cost: $45 + Tax

Wetsuit season is upon's your need to know wetsuit guide for winter 2018

Wetsuit season is upon's your need to know wetsuit guide for winter 2018

In search of the perfect wetsuit this winter?? Drop in to Progression Surf Shop and check out our selection of O’Neill and Ripcurl wetsuits. Check out some of our new styles for this season and our staff top picks - there’s really no excuse to be cold this winter!!