Used Funboards + Mini Mals

Progression Surf Shop - Your one stop shop for used and new surfboards in North San Diego County. We have 300+ boards to choose from in store and proudly stock a variety of Funboards and Mini Mal shapes in many different shapes, sizes, and prices for every budget. Our gallery below reflects our current stock of fun boards 6’ - 9’, all of which are available to purchase in store. (subject to availability)

If you have questions about any of the boards below or would like some more information, please call our friendly team on (760) 942 2088

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Excellent condition 7’4 Surf Diva. Never waxed or ridden. Sparkly red, with sparkle zebra print spray. No dings or repairs. Selling complete with fins. Just $450 #5385

7'10 Velzy Surfboard

7’10 velzy

Good condition Velzy Surfboard. 7’10 x 22.5 x 3. Single fin setup. Has some minor professional repairs and some pressure dents. Watertight and ready to hit the water. Selling w/o fin, $595 #5311.6


8’6 Christenson

Excellent condition (ridden once or twice) Christenson 8’6 mini mal. No dents, dings or repairs. Comes with glass on side bites and removable centre fin & bag. WAS $795 NOW $715 #5287



Good condition 7’0 Free Spirit. Complete with full deck traction. Big, thick full volume board - small pressure dents, no dings or repairs. Selling without fins $375 #5262.2

8'6 mystery point longboards

8’6 mystery point

Good condition 8’6 x 21 2/4 x 2 5/8 Mystery Point surfboard by Tony Staples. Medium pressure dents on deck and bottom. No repairs. Selling with 2 + 1 fin set. $450 #5338.1

7'4 Hula Ride fun board

7’4 hula ride

Good condition 7’4 x 22 x 3 1/8 Hula Ride. Had some medium pressure dents and a a couple of repairs. Great first board. Selling complete with fins, Just $425 #5338.4

7'4 Kies Surfboard

7’4 kies surfboard

Fair condition 7’4 x 21 3/4 x 2 3/4 lies surfboard. Has some professionally repaired dings and a large pressure dent on bottom. Watertight and ready to surf. Great first board. With fins, Just $325. #5376.

Used 7'6 Soft Top Surfboard for sale

7’6 SoftTop

Excellent condition 7’7 Soft top surfboard. Has soft foam covered top and hard epoxy bottom. Comes complete with 2+1 fin setup. Great first board. No dings or repairs. Just $350 #5400

8'0 Hyperlite surfboard

8’0 hyperlite cork

Excellent condition 8’0 epoxy hyperlite surfboard with cork top - no wax needed Great looking board, lightweight - perfect first surfboard! Comes complete with fins $425 #5335.3

6'4 Joel Tudor Single fin surfboard for sale

6’4 joel tudor single fin

Good condition 6’4 Joel Tudor Single fin surfboard, with resin tint and gloss polish finish. Some medium pressure dents on deck, clean on the bottom. No repairs. Single fin included. $595 #5376.1

8'6 KM fun board surfboard


Great condition 8’6 x 21 3/4 x 2 3/4 KM single fin surfboard. Light pressure dents on the deck, some minor glass cracks near tail and a couple tiny repairs. Selling w/o fin. $475 #5303

7'2 premier epoxy mini mal

7’2 premier epoxy

Good condition Premier Epoxy surfboard 7’2 x 21 1'/43 x 2 7/8. Has a couple of small profession repairs on the rail. Great first surfboard! Selling with fins WAS $350 NOW $295 #5311.4

7'4 bru surf

7’4 bru surf

Fair condition 7’4 x 21 1/2 x 2 7/8 BruSurf. Has some large repairs to the nose, large pressure dent on the rail. Fin box has major basic repair. Selling with fins - $350 #5285.5

7'4 fresh juice

7’4 fresh juice

Good condition 7’4 x 21 x 3 Fair Juice surfboard. Has some medium/large pressure dents on bottom and deck, with a couple of small repairs. Selling with fins, good first board. $395 #5338.2

7'6 Softtop surfboard for sale

7’6 SOfttop

Good condition 7’6 soft top surfboard. Has a soft foam covered top and hard epoxy bottom. Comes complete with futures F6 fin set. Great first board! Small foam chip on left rail. $275. #5396.2


7’6 south coast

South Coast epoxy Funboard - 7’6 x 22x 2.85. Good condition, small pressure dents and fin box ding in need of repair. Includes fins, great first surfboard or summer cruiser. $395 #5338.3

na papa surfboard 7'2


Good condition Na Papa 7’o x 20- x 2 5/8 funboard. Has some minor pressure dents and a couple of small professional repairs. Selling with fins. Just $375 - Perfect first board! #5322.1

7'4 turbeuille surfboard

7’4 turbeuille surfboards

Good condition 7’4 x 21 x 2 3/4 turbeuille surfboards funboard. Has a couple of small professional repairs. Great summer fun board to first surfboard! Selling with fins - Just $375 #5323.2

7'6 Tower Epoxy Surfboard

7’6 Tower epoxy

Great condition 7’6 Tower Epoxy surfboard. Has some repairs to deck, rail and tail. Super lightweight board. Small pressure dents on deck & bottom. Selling without fins $425 #5377.2

Free Spirit Fish Surfboard

6’8 free spirit twin fin fish

Great condition Free spirit6’8 twin fin fish with resin tint and polish finish. Some small pressure dents. No dings or repairs. Glass on fins. Fun summer boards - Just $400 #5262.3

6’4 ellington

Great condition 6’4 x 21 x 2 3/4 Ellington Fun Surfboard. Has a tiny professional repair on the tail, but a super clean board perfect for small and fun days! Selling without fins, $450 #5310

7'6 Blaster Surfboard for sale

7’6 blaster

Fair condition 7’6 x 20 7/8 x 2 5/8 Blaster Mini Mal. Has repairs to the borrow, rail and tail. Some medium pressure dents on deck. Good first board! Selling with fins $350 #5338.5