Used HYBRID, Fish, Twin & SINGLE Fin Surfboards

Here at Progression Surf Shop we have 300+ used and new surfboards in stock. Check out our current selection of used hybrids, twin fins and ‘fish’ surfboards in the gallery below. A fish surfboard design is a shorter board that is wider & thicker than a standard shortboard.  They typically have a flatter rocker and most often come in a twin fin setup, though we usually have a good selection of quad fin and 5 fin options available too. There is usually more width towards the front of the board, resulting in a fat nose & gradual taper towards a swallow tail. Hybrid surfboard design combines the high performance of a shortboard with the extra width and tail of a fish.  In most cases, hybrids have some combination of extra width, thickness, length or roundness if not a little of each. Our gallery below reflects our current stock of boards - all of which are available to purchase in store. (all boards subject to availability)

If you have questions about any of the boards below or would like some more information, please call our friendly team on (760) 942 2088

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Ellington fun board


Great condition 6’4 x 21 x 2 3/4 Ellington Fun Surfboard. Has a tiny professional repair on the tail, but a super clean board perfect for small and fun days! Selling without fins, $450 #5310

6'10 Realm

6’10 REALM

Good condition 6’10 Realm fun board. Medium pressure dents on the deck. No open dings or repairs. Selling with set of fins. Great board for learning or progressing. Just $300 #5302

6’2 Rollins Surfboards

6’2 Rollins Surfboard. Brand New condition, great artwork. Full of volume, fun shape. Futures 5 fin box setup, selling without fins. Grab this great board for just $450. #5248

6’0 SURFTech ‘thumbdrive’

Great condition 6’0 Surftech ‘Thumbdrive’ hybrid. Epoxy & Poly construction. Clean condition, minor pressure dents. Futures 5 fin setup, selling without fins.WAS $350 - NOW $325!!! #5224

5’10 Hynson Black Knight epoxy

Good condition 5’10 Hynson ‘Black Knight’ model quad fin fish. No dings or previous repairs. Tough and lightweight epoxy construction. Comes complete with FCS fin set. Was $365 - NOW $330 #4938

5’8 von sol

Good condition 5’8 Von Sol. Medium pressure dents on deck. Professionally repaired ding on rail, and tail wing. FCS 5 fin setup, selling without fins. Fun board, just WAS $350 - NOW $315 #5169

5’8 RW SUrfboards - epoxy

Good condition 5’8 RW Surfboards epoxy hybrid shortboard. Small pressure dents on deck, small previous professional repair on tail. 5 fin FCS II boxes. Selling without fins $285 #5181.1

6’4 david nuuhiwa

Vintage classic, David Nuuhiwa ‘Dyno’ single fin retro surfboard. Gloss & beautiful purple resin tint. An old board with imperfections but perfect for a collector or to go surf! with fin NOW $400. #5078.2

6’2 Mark Richards ‘Retro pro’

Great condition MR ‘Retro Pro’. Beautiful board, with no dings or previous repairs. Very light, minimal pressure dings on deck. Futures fin boxes. Selling without fins WAS $550. NOW $495 #4962.4

kienholz rocket quad fin

6’10 Kienholz quad

Good condition 6’10 Kienholz red rocket quad fin surfboard. Medium pressure dents on deck, small pressure dents on bottom with a couple of small color matched repairs. With fins, $500 #5305

Valeric 6'6 Twin Fin

6’6 VALERIC Twin Fin

Good condition 6’6 Valeric twin fin. Has some medium resume dents on the deck and bottom. No dings or repairs. Futures twin fin boxes, Selling without fins $400 #5280

5’10 MAURice cole ‘twuster’

Good condition 5’10 Maurice Cole ‘Twuster’ Medium pressure dents on deck and bottom. No dings or previous repairs. Futures fin boxes, Selling without fins: SALE WAS $350 - NOW $315 #5212.5


Great condition Epoxy 6’0 Schneider Stub. Minor professional repair to nose and tail. Clean deck and bottom. Futures 5 fin setup, Selling without fins. WAS $325 - NOW $295 #5212.8

5’6 Blackbird

Great condition 5’6 Blackbird surfboard. Clean condition, no dings or repairs/ Futures 5 fin box option. Selling with fins. Great fun shape board for our local waves. WAS $350 - NOW $325 #5134

6’10 HS ‘Hypto krypto’

Excellent condition Hayden Shapes ‘Hypto Krypto’ (ridden once or twice) Super fresh and clean board that basically looks & feels like brand new. Selling w/o fins. WAS $700 - NOW $630 #5184.1

6’9 Nirvan a‘73 Single

Great condition Nirvana surfboard 6’9 73 Single, Big waves small punchy waves whatever or wherever you surf this is a classic ride from a classic time. Selling w/o fin. WAS $395 - NOW $300 #5204

culture supply co

5’6 culture supply ‘fish ride'

Excellent condition (ridden just a couple times) culture supply,y co ‘fish ride’ Selling without fins.Grab yourself a great summer board at a bargain price - just $450! #5316

6’9 Christenson ‘sleeping policeman’

Fair condition 6’9 Christenson ‘Sleeping Policeman’. professional repair on deck, small glass crack on tail and some scratches on the finish. $749. #5259

5’8 fletcher chouinard ‘fark’

Great condition fletcher Chouinard, epoxy surfboard. Super clean with no pressure dents. Board is slightly yellowed as often happens with epoxy boards. Selling fins. WAS $450 - NOW $405 #5201.3

5’6 Blackbird

Great condition Blackbird 5’6. Very light pressure dents on the deck. No previous dings or repairs. Futures fin boxes, 5 fin set-up. Selling with fins. Just WAS $350 - NOW $325 #5134

5’10 album ‘punk’

Good condition Album ‘Punk’. Very light, minimal pressure dings on borrow and deck. Has had a professional ding repair on the rail. Selling w/o fins. WAS $225 - NOW $195 #5177.1

5’11 Michael baron

Good condition 5’11 Michael Baron Surfboard.

6’0 Saltes Surfboard

Good condition Saltes surfboard. Resin tint, with some pressure dents on deck, small repairs on bottom. Watertight & ready to surf. FCS II boxes. Selling with fins. WAS $350 - NOW $315 #5174.1

5’4 JS ‘Pier Pony’

Fair/Ok condition JS Pier Pony. Large pressure dents on deck & dents on the bottom. Repairs/cracks on the rails that may need attention. tail repair. Selling w/o fins WAS $225 - NOW $200. #5133

5’6 boardworks ‘mini mod’

Fair condition Boardworks Mini mod. Professional repair on deck. Has 2 small rail repairs rails (watertight) & normal pressure dings on deck. FCS II fin boxes, selling w/o fins. WAS $260 - NOW $195