Progression Surf Shop in Encinitas offer a wide selection of Surf rentals - including beginner ‘soft surfboards’ and epoxy hard surfboards. We carry a range of high performance shortboards, fishes, mid lengths, fun boards and longboards. We offer hourly, daily and weekly rentals options, with our standard 1 day rental offering a generous 24 hour period for you to enjoy the waves. You may keep your surfboard or equipment overnight to catch the early morning dawn patrol session and enjoy the last of the waves at sunset! We are conveniently located in Encinitas, California - just a block from Beacons Beach and short drive from some of the very best surf spots in Southern California. We open at 9am daily and are open 7 days a week. Feel free to call us (760) 942-2088 if you have any questions.

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SURFBOard rentals

We have a large rental fleet of both soft ‘beginner; boards and hard epoxy boards for improver, intermediate and advanced surfers.


Wetsuits, bodyboards etc

We have a large selection of season appropriate wetsuits for kids and adults. We also rent bodyboards, fins and roof racks for your convenience.

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We offer a selection of SUP rentals in Encinitas. Our coastline is prefect for leisurely paddles, or enjoy the thrill of riding waves at our local world class breaks.