SHORTBOARDS (6’2 and bigger)

Progression Surf Shop - Your one stop shop for used and new surfboards in North San Diego County. We have 300+ boards to choose from in store and proudly stock a variety of used Surfboards in many different shapes, sizes, and prices for every budget. Our gallery below reflects our current stock of shortboards 6’2 +, all of which are available to purchase in store. (subject to availability)

If you have questions about any of the boards below or would like some more information, please call our friendly team on (760) 942 2088

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6’8 T.Patterson

Excellent condition 6’8 T.Patterson Step Up. Futures fin boxes. Selling w/o fins. $295

6’3 fred rubble

Great condition 6’3 Fred Rubble shortboard. Some slight marks and light pressure dents on deck. No dings or previous repairs. Futures 5 fin box setup, selling without fins. $395 #4886.1

6’3 lost scorcher

Good condition 6’3 Lost Scorcher. Some pressure dents on the deck, and one larger pressure dent with some small glass crack on the bottom. FCS fin boxes, selling with fins. $250. #5132.2

6’5 Avila Epoxy

Excellent condition 6’5 Avila Epoxy.

6’8 Becker Surfboards

Great condition Becker 6’8 Shortboard. Gloss and polish finish. FCS fin boxes, Selling with fins. $275